Hey !

My name is Paul and I love anime since childhood. I grew up with the heroes of One Piece, Pokemon and Dragonball.
To understand why I founded this store I would like to tell you what anime means to me.

What is anime?

Anime by definition is a truncation of the Japanese word "animēshon" from English "animation" and refers to cartoons produced in Japan.

But it is so mutch more ....
For me, anime has been a very valuable and great thing for many years, something to lose in another world, something to learn about friendship and cohesion, as well as important values ​​and morals.
Anime is something where you have to cry but also laugh, something cool and at the same time magical about which one often thinks for a long time how something ingenious can actually arise.

Anime is freedom !!! No matter which genre you favor there are tons of anime you can watch and none of them is limited in its acting possibilities.

Anime is boundless that he is extremely multi-layered with his genres. It shows how imaginatively an anime can conjure up desires, aspirations and hopes in its own world.

That's what makes the animes worth seeing and unique

A medium. No genre.
So I set up this store to collect the unique and best anime merch for all your desires.
I have always been passionate about anime fan merch. Good and quality anime products are hard to find. Impossible to buy without high shipping costs.
So I wanted to create a store that offers the best and most unique anime items in the world, for free shipping worldwide.

All this has inspired me to become no less than the best anime shop in the world and to steadily expand and improve my inventory.

If you have any questions or feedback i would love to hear from you :) 
Please contact me at Info@Anime-Unity.com