A summary about hunter X

A summary about hunter X


The story is incredible! However, only up to a certain place, to be more precise: up to the chimera arc (from about episode 70). Until then, I found the story very exciting and captivating. It was very varied and at no point protracted. From the chimera arc (which goes on until episode 137), the genre changed very much to fantasy, which I did not like so much. I also think that the characters behave differently here than before. Then there are many new characters that I find boring. But more on that later.
I would call the anime except the Chimera arc as a masterpiece. It's a pity the anime changes so much. There were some exciting scenes in the Chimera arc, but that was very rare, so I would give this Arc 7 stars.

Animation / Images

I actually enjoyed the animation quite well and also fits the anime. However, there are some combat scenes (especially the Chimera arc) that I did not like the drawing style (you can see how little I like the Chimera arc xD). Because then there were fights, which I found very spectacular


The anime starts (like most animes) with the main character. A boy named Gon, who is 12 years old and fishing. At this sight, I expected Gon to be a very superficial character (not to ask why, I do not know myself and no, usually I do not think that way when I see people fishing). Gon is a very happy boy, helpful, does not think with his head, but with his heart and is also a bit naive. That's what I like about the character. In the course of the first episodes, I then fell in love with this affectionate boy, whom I initially mistakenly described as superficial. It went so far that I wish to have such a son! Unfortunately, I have to say that just before the Chimera arc, Gon becomes much more ambitious and serious. That's not the gon that I put in the heart in the beginning. But towards the end he became like at the beginning.
In the first part of the anime, Leorio, Kurapica and Killua become Gon's friends. These characters are awesome too! Everyone has their own past and destination (except Killua, who just wanted to leave home).
Leorio is not very talented when it comes to fighting, but he has a good heart (which he sometimes does not want to admit and therefore does one on macho). Also, he is a bit clumsy in my eyes, which is why I started liking him as a character in a way.
Kurapica is a boy of 17 who has a tragic past and wants to take revenge. He is mostly quiet, does not trust everyone immediately, keeps a cool head and only fights, even if it makes sense. As for his fighting, he is by far more experienced than Leorio.
Killua is 12 years old, just like Gon. He comes from an assassin family and is therefore very good at killing and fighting. He suffered a very painful childhood (he is still a child o.O) and because the killing is not for him, he has run away from home and has met Gon. His character is calm and cold. But the longer he is with Gon, the more heart he gets. I also like this character very much.

These are the main characters of the first part (about half). But there are many other characters that play a very important role. Other friends of those, then there are still many enemies.

I wrote so much about the characters, you realize how much I like them. From the chimera arc, new and, in my opinion, more superficial characters are added. Because most of them liked me a lot, I give a total of 8 point.


All in all, Hunter x Hunter is a very nicely laced package of wit, wisdom and drama. Each viewer gets something delivered, which rarely occurs in anime. Namely, simply good characters, a consistently exciting story garnished with a few philosophical food for thought. The anime can only be highly recommended.

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