Why Dakimakura pillow will Change your Sleep!

Why Dakimakura pillow will Change your Sleep!

What is a Dakimakura ?

A dakimakura (抱き枕) is a type of pillow creating from Japan. The name literally translates to “hug pillow”: daki (抱き) means “to embrace” and makura (枕) means “pillow”. It is often translated as a body pillow in English from the Japanese language.

Why Dakimakura will Change your Sleep ?

Dakimakura (Body pillow) get well sleep


  1. Pressure Point Relief:The dakimakura takes care of you with its elongated and full shape. When you place the cushion along the body and between your knees, you have something that holds you in a row instead of getting into an uncomfortable position. The body pillow relieves your hips and helps your body to relax.
  2. Lessens Tossing and Turning: No one wants to have a workout while they’re trying to fall asleep and that’s exactly what tossing and turning can feel like. When your body feels uncomfortable, it becomes restless, trying to find a proper sleeping position. When you’re holding onto something supportive though, you have less of a tendency to move. It’s a comfy, cozy miracle.
  3. The Emotional Part:
    As a child clinging to a stuffed animal, turned off the high-energy light switch and helped you fall asleep. A Dakimakura has the same effect. If you have established an emotional connection to the character and you know it mostly from childhood, you are connected to them with security and support which reduces your stress and ensures a restful sleep
  4. The Benefits of Hugging:We all love hugs (okey, most of us) because of their instant comforting effect. A hug makes you feel safe and happy. Holding onto a dakimakura at night can replicate this sensation and create a sense of peace as you doze off. The emotional element associated with hugging and holding allows your mind to stop racing, instead focusing on the quiet around you as you relax your muscles.
  5. Improves Alignment:By placing the body pillow between your knees and hugging it as you sleep, your body will not feel the need to twist because your weight is evenly distributed. This is why the body pillow is so helpful for people with back issues.


    Some of my Favorite Dakimakuras:

    Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!


    Dakimakura Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!


    Black Butler

    Butler:Sebastian Michaelis

    Dakimakura(Body pillow) Black Butler


    Route A in NieR:Automata 

    YoRHa No.2 Type B

    Dakimakura (Bodypillow) Route A in NieR:Automata  YoRHa No.2 Type B


    The Fascinating History of Invention of Dakimakura Pillows

    Amazed Chino becuse lern about the History of Dakimakura

    Thanks to Mesopotamians who gave us a pillow to have a comfortable sleep. Could anyone believe that the pillow has been found 9000 years ago, yeah it is, the pillow has a historical record back to 7000 BC. Initially, people thought it is the indication of richness where only rich people were able to own one. But these pillows are not made of soft cotton or Silk clothing; they were made of hard stones. The purpose was to prevent insects entering into the ear which are crawling on the floor.

    Later on, pillows have undergone many changes, from country to country, from ethnicity to ethnicity, from culture to culture to the pillow which we use now. The main purpose of the head pillow is to keep our neck in a straight position. After a tiring day if you sleep keeping your neck flexed for a long time, the next day you are going to punish your neck without maintaining the proper position. Our Dakimakura has a major role in your life by providing more comfort to you.

    It is during the 1990 the otaku culture entwined with the dakimakura pillows and initially started printing an illustration character of a beautiful young girl. And now, these pillows are popular in many countries.These days, the printed characters are still predominantly from anime and manga, but can also be from video games. There are also consistent variations in the designs features.

    Note that there are dakimakura designs that are adult and NSFW! Not all anime and manga are for children; in fact, most aren’t.

    If you feel lonely, depressed or need comfort and emotional support while sleeping a Dakimakura is the best cuddle replacement you can get.


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