Top 10 Anime of 2018

Top 10 Anime of 2018

Man, 2018 started with some awesome bombardment of quality anime.

If you are like me (Super anime nerd/otaku), you know what I am talking about.

From the Serious stories to funny one. 2018 gave us all kinds of anime.


Which one are worth watching??

Good question you soon-to-be anime geek… ;)

Here is my list of Top 10 2018 anime and their overview.

*Note: They are not ranked from best to worst. Rather they are the 10 anime you should definitely watch*

1. Boku no Hero Academia

 Boku no Hero Academia


Deku is back people. With most mind blowing scenes and upgrades. This season focuses on the growth of Deku (who wants to be a superhero). Most amazing part is that Deku…. Ahem Ahem… I won’t spoil your fun yet. Just watch Boku No Hero Academia and your mind will blow.


Deku face many challenges with the help of All might and his classmates. They overcome it and face the all powerful villain All-For-One.


You will also see the relationship flourishes with his childhood friend Kacchan.


2. That time I got reincarnated as a slime

 That time I got reincarnated as a slime


We all like the story of person going into another world and being a badass there. Well if you like these kind of stories then this anime is for you. But in this case, it’s the person who gets teleported in another world, only to end up as slime.


Not kidding….simple slime….


And somehow that slime defeats a DRAGON. Damn…ain’t that some superpower, mind blowing, out of the world (pun intended) setting?


It sure is….


Just watch first episode, you are bound to get hooked.


3. Asobi Asobase

 Lerche, Asobi Asobase, Nomura Kasumi, Olivia (Asobi Asobase), Honda Hanako


Do you like to laugh??


Of course you do….we all do.


But do you like to laugh till your stomach hurts, your cheeks can’t be more wide and you are literally ROLF’ling??


Serious note….Only watch if you can handle your laugh. This is some mega hilarious Gintama level anime.


Three school girls start a club of playtime fun. Yes, playtime fun is the name of the official school club. LOL. So they sit around all day in their club ideally. We all know, empty head is Satan’s home. So these girls being free, try all kinds of stuff with each other. Most importantly they play Japanese games. But they don’t play games in the normal mode. They play in “Either we get killed or viewers get killed by laughing” mode. Btw they choose option 2 most of the times.


Watch it guys. Thank me later.



4. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

 Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online


Guns Guns Guns….As the name suggest. This Anime is all about Guns and gun fights. If you have seen the Sword Art Online before you will like this show too. There are some reference of the main sword art online in the in the show, but this story is not related to the previous parts at all.


Completely unrelated, thrilling and has cute characters in it.


It is a must watch for Sword Art Online fans.

5. Cells at work

 Cells at Work

Oh how wonderful the human body is??


Do you know what your body actually does when you have a fever or any infection? No right?? Me neither.


But cells at work series knows….and it tells you the cutest way possible.


It is a whole new world in the human body.


And don’t worry. There is not a single grotesque scene in it.


Just a lot of info mixed with cuteness.

6. Megalobox



Jab Jab hook…Yes you guessed it right (Even if you did not guess it correctly).


This anime is about boxing. Our protagonist in this series is Junk Dog. A young man from slums.


He gets by throwing matches of megalo box, a new take on the sport that features fighters with enhanced power thanks to mechanical appendages.


A twist of fate gets him to aim to Megalonia, a tournament meant to award the strongest boxer that only a few pre-selected individuals are allowed to join.   


Story is extremely captivating and enjoyable. Anime like these should be produced more.

7. Hinamatsuri



Hinamatsuri is a story of Hina (A psychic girl) and her caretaker Nitta (A Yakuza Gangster).


One day while Nitta was in his house, suddenly out of this air a big ball of metal drops containing a girl.


Now this girl is a psychic and some twist of fate made these two meet each other.


Hina is lazy so Nitta had to work double to take care of her. During their journey, they develop a deep father daughter relationship.


But do not be mistaken…it’s not some slice of life anime. This anime is so funny you will never get bored.


Daily mischievous pranks and the character reactions will leave you crazy happy at the end of each episode.


Truly worth a watch.



8. Goblin Slayer

 Goblin Slayer


Holy shit is this anime is dark…and awesome.


A young boy loses his family in front of his eyes while Goblins raid his village and kills his mother and sister after raping them.


Not only goblins rape and murder people, they eat them too. Making them very disgusting creatures.


This young man, seeing this cruelty in front of his eyes, swore that he will eliminate every goblin from this earth.


If you are a fan of good stories with thrilling action, this is it.


This anime has a dark side you won’t find very interesting but it sure is worth a watch.



 9. Gintama (2018)

Gintama 2018

Man, I just can’t tell you how awesome Gintama series is.


Gintama contains all.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Suspense
  • Comedy at par
  • Psychology
  • Comedy
  • Comedy
  • Have I said comedy??

If you ever want something worth watching in life. Watch Gintama.

A story of a Young samurai who works at odd jobs. He will do any work at only 500 Yen.

He’s accompanied with two sidekicks Kagura and Shinpachi. The trio will help you make your day.

Seriously man, Gintama is the anime one must see. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.




10. A Place further than the universe 

A Place further than the Universe


 If we are talking about an anime which can touch every emotion, A place further than the universe is it.


High-schooler Tamaki Mari wants to achieve something big while she’s still at an age where distractions are allowed, but she’s always hesitated when it comes to taking the last step. I mean who isn’t. But this girl still wants to live life.


She’s quickly drawn to her schoolmate Shirase Kobuchizawa, who has a reputation of being a bit of a weirdo because of her dream to go to Antarctica. Weird dream, but she’s set on fulfilling it.


And that’s exactly where they’ll go, accompanied by two other very believable teenage characters with a bit of a tendency to get into amusing problems. And what is life if it’s not made of funny problems.


 Successful as a coming of age series, respectable as character vignettes, and simply hilarious when it’s goofing around -- this show does so many things well that you’re very likely to get something out of it. A lesson, good time, serious emotions…. This show does all.

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