Best 42 Romance Anime

Best 42 Romance Anime

Best 42 Romance Animes You Will Ever See!

It’s the year 2018, and teacher a lot of new anime are coming. And with each new anime there is new story. we cannot watch all stories right?

That's why, I thought I should make it simple for you.

Here is my "True Love List " Update 2018

Before we begin, let me tell you that the list is arranged from best to the best of all times. ;)


42 Nisekoi

Nisekoi is about the Anime where the two childhood friends make promise to each other that once they grow up they will marry each other.


Now here's the thing about that promise, when they were with little and made the promise they used one lock and key. The boy war that lock as a necklace, and the girl had the key.


Now after some years, fate decided to meet them again. Funny thing is, they remember their promise but don't remember to whom they made a promise.


Making it more interesting, the number of girls kept on increasing in his life and now he is not sure who is the girl he made his promise to.


41 Kokoro Connect 

Kokoro Connect


This story is about 5 high school friends full form of band together.


The life is all well and good until one day one of them switch their bodies with another. This Supernatural phenomenon kept happening with all five of them.


Suddenly one of them changing their bodies with another.

You think this is fun?

Wait until you see the dark past everybody hides in them.


Now to make matters worse, they started hearing each other’s thought. This is where they are life gets more complicated. but when friends stick together in the tough times, that's when their bond gets deeper.


This is a great story where the importance of having empathy and good relationship your friends and family is what makes you good human.


40 School Days

School days

This is the Anime where it gets from lovey-dovey to full on psycho.


The protagonist of the story is a boy who has a girl best friend. One day, the guy falls in love with another girl and he tells his best friend to help him get her.


As all good best friends do, she helps him get the girl. But as she helped him to get that girl, she realises that she is in love with the boy.

What do you think she does?


I won't spoil it for you but I will recommend you to watch it. Hopefully, you are not weak hearted. if you are, I suggest you to not watch it.


39 The World God Only Knows

The world god only knows

Have you ever played dating Sims game?

Where there are lot of simulations and many girls and according to the choices you make, you will either get the girl or you don't.


This is a story about a Highschool student who has no interest in real life girls and only love the dating Sims girls.

One day, an angel from the sky comes to him and tell him that if you don't make some girls fall for him, he and the girls will both die.


Now our protagonist, that boy, has to make various girls fall for him.


And the way he does it, I tell you, so professional you won't believe that someone can be this good with women....... by playing simulation games.

38 Koi Kaze

Koi Kaze

Saeki Koushirou works as a wedding planner, but his own love life is a shambles.

His background makes it difficult for him to commit himself wholeheartedly to love. The child of a divorced couple, he lives with his father.

He has a mother and a sister, but he has not seen them in years. After being dumped by his girlfriend, a chance encounter with a female high school student shakes Koushirou's calm and awakens new feelings in him – but…….

He learns that the girl is in fact his sister, who will now be staying with his father and him.

 (Sorry guys i find no gif 😢)

37 My Love Story

My Love Story (Ore Monogatari)

With his muscular build and tall stature, Takeo Gouda is not exactly your average high school freshman.

However, behind his intimidating appearance hides a heart of gold, and he is considered a hero by the boys for his courage and chivalry. Unfortunately, these traits do not help much with his love life.

As if his looks are not enough to scare the opposite sex away, Takeo's cool and handsome best friend and constant companion Makoto Sunakawa easily steals the hearts of the female students—including every girl Takeo has ever liked.

When Takeo gallantly saves cute and angelic Rinko Yamato from being molested, he falls in love with her instantly, but suspects that she might be interested in Sunakawa.

With his own love for Yamato continuing to bloom, Takeo unselfishly decides to act as her cupid, even as he yearns for his own love story.

36 Special A

Special A

Hikari Hanazono has always been second to Kei Takishima. When they were six years old, their pro-wrestling loving fathers introduced them to each other.

Assuming that she was the best in wrestling, young Hikari challenged Kei to a wrestling match only to be thoroughly defeated by him. 

Ever since that fateful incident, Hikari swore to beat Kei in school grades, sporting events - anything. To do this, she has enrolled in the same school as Kei since elementary. Now she attends Hakusenkan, an ultra elite school, that costs her carpenter father a lot of money. 

Hikari and Kei are the top two students in the school, with Kei holding firmly to that number one position.

While Hikari considers Kei to be a rival and important friend, she is completely unaware that Kei loves her.

The story primarily focuses on Hikari and her constant attempts to defeat her one and only rival, Kei, and how she finds love in their rivalry.

35 Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki

We all user mobile phone to read tweets, to send messages, to update our status.


But what if...... we used mobile to see our future??


Well Mirai Nikki does exactly that.


Mirai Nikki literally means future diary.


In this anime, 12 people are chosen by the God participate in the game of death and whoever wins gets to be the next God. each participant is provided mobile phone; Internet mobile phone is participant to see their future.


Rules are simple

  • Kill other players
  • Don't get killed
  • Use your mobile phones to change your future


Highly recommended anime.


34 Waiting in the Summer (Ano natsu de matte iru)

Waiting in the Summer

While testing out his camera on a bridge one summer night, Kaito Kirishima sees a blue light streaking across the sky, only to be blown off the railing seconds later.


Just before succumbing to unconsciousness, a hand reaches down to grab ahold of his own.

Dazed and confused, Kaito wakes up the next morning wondering how he ended up back in his own room with no apparent injuries or any recollection of the night before.


As he proceeds with his normal school life, Kaito and his friends discuss what to do with his camera, finally deciding to make a film with it over their upcoming summer break. Noticing that Kaito has an interest in the new upperclassmen Ichika Takatsuki, his friend Tetsurou Ishigaki decides to invite her, as well as her friend Remon Yamano, to join them in their movie project.

In what becomes one of the most entertaining and exciting summers of their lives, Kaito and his friends find that their time spent together is not just about creating a film, but something much more meaningful that will force them to confront their true feelings and each other.


33 My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun)

 My Little Monster

My little monster is a story of a one girl delinquent boy.


the girl only care about her grades. she is cold, she is calculating, and focused on Academics.


one day the both meet each other and immediately after meeting the boy confess his love to her.


now this is where it gets interesting, both are awkward social skills.


day by day, slowly, the cold calculating girl starts having feelings for the boy.


the way their story unfolds and their relationship flourishes is something that every animal romance lover must watch.


32 Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over flowers)

Boys over flowers

Hana yori Dango is a very famous series.


the story is something like this, there is a one guy and one girl, the guy's family is very rich that they control whole of Japan. and the girl..... will she comes from a very poor family.


now, from the Twist of Fate they end up in the same school. the boy is very arrogant. and the girl..... well the girl has her own arrogance too.


it is a very good anime and all anime lovers should watch it. Hana yori Dango is so famous even Korea and Japan made the real TV series on it.

Hana yori dango bath


31 Sukitte Ii na yo (Say "I Love you")

Say "I Love you"

Friends will only let you down—that is the sad truth Mei Tachibana lives with, ever since she was wrongfully blamed for the death of a class pet by her so-called friends in grade school. Since then, she stays away from people in order to avoid ever being hurt again.


However, Mei's life begins to change drastically when a misunderstanding in high school causes her to encounter popular student Yamato Kurosawa.

Yamato finds her intriguing and insists on being her friend, even though Mei wants nothing to do with him. But when a dangerous situation ends with Yamato kissing Mei to save her from the unwanted attention of a stalker, Mei begins to develop feelings for him.

On the heels of her discovery that their feelings are mutual, they start dating and she gains not only a boyfriend, but friends as well. Mei, however, finds it very hard to adapt to this new lifestyle, especially in expressing her true feelings towards Yamato.

Throughout misunderstandings of their new relationship, each other, and the attentions of other girls, Mei and Yamato slowly grow closer and learn the true meaning of those three little words: "I love you."

30 Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Okami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji)

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

We all boast in front of our friends right? I mean who doesn’t?

We also make it believable. But not this girl. She boasted that very handsome, model like guy is her boyfriend and showed the pic of random guy and guess what?

Her friend recognizes that pic and it turns out that that guy is in the same school as them.

BUSTED!!!! just kidding.... now to cover that lie she has to the lie.

She begs that guy to be her fake boyfriend in front of her friends.

But this guy is not so nice, he uses every chance to get the best situation and out of her.

She tells a lie is like a boy in the wolf and sheep story and he exploits every situation like a black Prince.

wolf girl and the black Prince is a great story.

it's a light, funny, makes you cheer up for the chemistry between the girl and the boy.


29 Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss

Ever since she entered high school, Kotoko Aihara wanted to be in the same class as Naoki Irie. The only problem is that Irie is the smartest student in school contrast to Kotoko being one of the dumbest.

Now in her 3rd year of high school, she still isn't there. However, one day her home gets destroyed and the only place left to go to was Irie's home.

Now that she lives close to him, will their relationship be the same, or will it become greater than it is?

28) White album 1+2

Here's the story you don't see often.

A college student who is dating a rising Idol. Seems pretty dreamy, but it's not.

The love life of these two gets much more Tangled and much more confusing than average love stories but at the end, it leaves you feeling like you never before.

27 Bokura Ga Ita


Boku ga Ita

Nanami Takahashi welcomes the start of her high school life with great expectations of making as many friends as possible.

There is much talk among the girls about a popular boy, Motoharu Yano, who has 2/3 of the girls in his middle school liking him.

When Nanami asks Yuri Yamamoto, the girl sitting next to her, about Yano, the latter curtly replies that she dislikes him.

Nanami is clueless of who Yano is until the day of the class nomination when she made a fool of herself by calling the name of her new friend wrongly.

It turns out that she has actually met Yano along the corridors (unaware of his true identity) and he tricked her by providing a random name, resulting in the embarrassing incident in class.

Nanami was initially mad at Yano but after a few encounters with him, she begins to find herself liking him.

26 Angel Beats

Angel Beats Tachibane Kanade

If you are living you live on Earth. If you die you live in heaven.

But what about if you die and you don't go to heaven where do you go?

This anime is all about a bunch of school kids who died a tragic death and before they could go to heaven, they had a regret in their hearts.

So if you want to go to heaven you have to have a heart without regret.

These kids help each other to erase each other's regrets.

The story is very good it will almost leave you crying at the end.

Warning.... This is not for the weak hearted.

Warning number 2...... It is so funny your tummy will hurt from laughter.


25 Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions

This anime is sooooo cute

Do you know what is 8th-grade syndrome???

It's a condition where you fantasize like an 8 grade child about spaceships, giants, fairies, superpowers, fights etc.

Life of an 8th-grade syndrome person is not easy. And especially for a girl who has it. People will call you crazy and nobody becomes a friend with crazy.

But this girl is different, not only she wants to make a friend she believes she will find her love too.

Can she though?

24 Kimi ni todoke

Kimi ni Todoke (Night Love)

The girl in this anime is completely misunderstood by her classmates. Her timid and sweet demeanor is often mistaken for malicious behavior. This is due to her resemblance to the ghost girl from "The Ring", which has led her peers to give her the nickname Sadako.

Longing to make friends and live a normal life, she is naturally drawn to guy, the most popular guy in class, whose "100% refreshing" personality earns him great admiration from Sawako.

So when he starts talking to her, maybe there is hope for the friendships Sawako has always longed for. Maybe...there is even a little hope for some romance in her future.

23 Zero no Tsukiama

Zero no Tsukaima

A self-absorbed mage in a world of wands, cloaks, and royalty.

Although she studies at Tristain Academy, a prestigious school for magicians, she has a major problem: Louise is unable to cast magic properly, earning her the nickname of "Louise the Zero" from her classmates.

When the first year students are required to perform a summoning ritual, Louise's summoning results in a catastrophic explosion! Everyone deems this to be yet another failure, but when the smoke clears, a boy named Saito Hiraga appears.

Now Louise's familiar, Saito is treated as a slave, forced to clean her clothes and eat off the ground. But when an unfamiliar brand is found etched on Saito's hand from the summoning ritual, it is believed to be the mark of a powerful familiar named Gandalfr.

Wild, adventurous, and explosive, Zero no Tsukaima follows Saito as he comes to terms with his new life and as Louise proves that there is more to her than her nickname suggests.


22 Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan no Shana

Enough about male protagonis let me tell you a story of a female protagonist.

Some mysterious beings from parallel universe thrive on the life energy of humans.

These merciless murderers only live behind scant remainders of souls called torches.

Which are mare residues that will eventually be destroyed along with victim’s existence from the minds of the living.

And to destroy them and save the people is the mission of our female protagonist.

Filled with action and fire, this anime also gives you a good story.

21 Lovely complex

Lovely Complex


Ahh, what an unlikely couple is the story.

Anime that makes you laugh, cry and cause neck pain.

HÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Yes, through that many head shaking I had had meanwhile.


Too short a guy and too big a girl want
finally a girlfriend / boyfriend.

At first you do not see each other as a dream prince or Princess.

And this is exactly where the anime comes in, both romanticas well as comedic.

Lovely Complex is a brilliant anime with lovely characters and is one of my favorites.


20 Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

This story revolves around a famous piano artist and girl.

Now the boy is very good at piano. And girl.... Well, she is good at fighting.

Nodame Cantabile tells the story of Chiaki and Nodame, as they not only learn to deal with each other

But learn lessons from one another as they strive for the top of the musical world.

19 Orange

 Orange Anime

Now this one is one of my favorite anime.

What will you do if you get a letter from 10 years in future?

Telling you all the mistakes you did, all the regrets you have, and how to not to do those mistake so that you won't have those regrets.

Well, this happened with the girl, she got a letter from 10 years of her future self. In that letter the all the events that are going to happen in her life or written and it is her one and only chance to take certain actions and rewrite her future.

Will she be able to do it?


18 Romeo and Juliet

 Romeo and Juliet Anime

On the floating continent of Neo Verona, the Montague family slaughters the entire Capulet family and seizes control of the kingdom.

The true heir to the throne, Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet, manages to escape the onslaught and is hidden away by loyalists for 14 years with hope that she may one day overthrow the cruel Montague regime. 

Despite having forgotten the murder of her entire family, Juliet now secretly protects the oppressed citizens of Neo Verona as a vigilante called the Red Whirlwind. During one of her escapades she meets Romeo Candorebanto Montague, the kind and selfless son of the tyrannical Prince Laertes Montague, and without knowledge of each other's background, they both fall in love at first sight. 

What will happen to them?

17 Tsuki ga kirei

Tsuki ga kirei

Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno became third year students at junior high school and are classmates for the first time.

These two, along with fellow classmates, Chinatsu Nishio and Takumi Hira, relate to their peers through mutual understandings and feelings.

As their final year at junior high school progresses, the group overcome their challenges to mature and become aware of changes in themselves.

A really sweet story that always reminds me of my school days.

16 Sakuraso no pet na kanojo(The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

This is a story of the house named Sakurajo.

Where the students of University lives.

Every person who lives in that building is eccentric in some way.

With each passing day, that develops a bond between each other, but it's not all fun and games they also fight, also blame each other for their failures, and go through some tough Times.

This is a wonderful anime everyone should must watch. Not because it is Goofy, but because it tells the story that is a lot deeper and more fun.

15 Gosick


The story sets in the Boarding School of Southern European country where one day the protagonist walks into a library to find stories on the ghost.

Suddenly he found a golden hair on the stairs. This leads to a large Garden and beautiful doll-like girl.

With more mysteries quickly developing—including the appearance of a ghost ship and an alchemist with the power of transmutation these two, bound by fate and their unique skills, have no choice but to rely on each other.


14 Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

Guardian the of a village, Holo, who was once praised by the village to bring prosperity in it, with time everyone forgets her. Traveling merchant meets Holo.

Holo offers to become his business partner if he eventually takes her to her Northern home of Yoitsu

The journey filled with amazing story.

Based on the popular light novel of the same name, Ookami to Koushinryou, also known as Spice and Wolf, fuses the two polar genres of economics and romance to create an enthralling story abundant with elaborate schemes, sharp humor, and witty dialogue.

Ookami to Koushinryou is more than just a story of bartering. It turns into a journey of searching for a lost identity in an ever-changing world.

13 Junjo romantica

Junjou Romantica

Three very different couples caught up in a storm of pure romance!

Romantica: Misaki is struggling to prepare for his college entrance exams, so his brother arranges for a private tutor.

But Misaki's nightmare is just beginning when his tutor, Usami, comes on to him! How will Misaki ever manage to pass his exam?

And why does he feel so mysteriously drawn to Usami?

Egoist: Just when Kamijou's life is at its lowest, he has a chance meeting with a man who never lets anything hold him back: Nowaki. His name means "typhoon," and he's about to take Kamijou on a whirlwind ride that will turn everything upside-down.

Terrorist: Miyagi always seems to shrug off the cares of the world with a joke and a smile, but even he has problems, although he doesn't let them show. Foremost is Shinobu, a relentless young man who's adamant that they're destined to be together.

12 Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita

This is a story about a girl who has a very difficult life. Her father left her, she has a very big debt on her head, and many more problems.

But one day she saves a man that is being harassed by a dog. That man turns out to be a divine God and he offers her his home to live.

Isn't that amazing?

She gets to live in the house of God.

But every blessing comes with a price. The Gods familiar is a fox. Now she has to deal with the fox or her life is not going to be easy.


11 Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime depicts Shirayuki's journey toward a new life at the royal palace of Clarines, as well as Zen's endeavor to become a prince worthy of his title.

As loyal friendships are forged and deadly enemies formed, Shirayuki and Zen slowly learn to support each other as they walk their own paths.


10 Golden Time

Golden Time

Due to a tragic accident, Banri Tada is struck with amnesia, dissolving the memories of his hometown and past.

However, after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he decides to move on and begin a new life at law school in Tokyo.

But just as he is beginning to adjust to his college life, the beautiful Kouko Kaga dramatically barges into Banri's life, and their chance meeting marks the beginning of an unforgettable year. 

After having a glimpse of college life, Banri learns that he is in a new place and a new world – a place where he can be reborn, to have new friends, fall in love, makes mistakes and grow.

And as he begins to discover who he was, the path he has chosen leads him towards a blindingly bright life that he will never want to forget.

9 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

(My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

I really love this anime, but most of all it's the main character and the rather "sad" fact that I recognize myself. xD

Hikigaya Hachiman is currently a high school student and has a very distorted view of the world.

He prefers to go against the trend and refuses to make friends. To get Hachiman back on track, his teacher Hiratsuka Shizuka forces him to join the Public Service Club.

There he meets other problem students.

I rarely ... have never seen such a controversial main character. Hikigaya Hachiman is actually an incredible pessimist. He completely isolates himself from his social environment, seems to hate most (or all?) Of his classmates and is not in the least interested in friendships.

He gives some extremely black-visionary ideals or principles to the best, as well as his monologue at the beginning of the first episode and much more.

Nevertheless, he has an indescribable sympathy in itself. One learns by numerous short flashbacks to his middle school but soon, why he is so, and develops compassion for him.

One actually wishes him that something changes in his life, or that he changes. Something happens that "Hikki" does well because you feel like you need something like that even though you do not see it yourself.

Are you interested? .....well i hope so :)

8 Nagi no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara

Long ago, all humans lived in the ocean.

But some who longed for the land abandoned the ocean, casting off the special raiments granted to them by the sea god to adapt them to life under the sea...

Though mankind was divided into sea dwellers and land dwellers, each with different ways of thinking, they were all still fellow humans, and they continued to maintain contact as time went on.

When these middle school second-year land and sea dwellers meet for the first time, their hearts begin to undulate like the tides.

The youthful fantasy tale of these young people's lives unfolds in a strange and beautiful world.

7 Anohana

Ano Hana

Anohana must be the one of the best anime I have ever seen.

It is a story about a group of friends who got separated after one of them died tragically.

But one day, after many years, the Ghost of that girl appears in front of our protagonist, and tells him she has won unfulfilled wish. If it's not fulfilled she cannot go to heaven.

Not to fulfill her wish, our protagonist is set to unite the group that was once separated.

This anime is filled with love, laugh, good story, and finally touching moment that will leave you crying.

A must watch anime.

6 Kaichou wa Maid sama

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

It's a story about a student Council president of a coed School who works part-time at a Maid Cafe.

Nobody knows her secret.

She has maintained her image of elegant student Council president throughout her school without letting anyone know that she is a maid in a cafe.

One day, a guy from a school named Usui visit sir Cafe and sees in a maid uniform.

He found out her secret. Now we can destroy her life by telling everyone in school that she is a maid.

But what he does?

He uses that secret to get closer to her.

As story gradually move forward, the chemistry between the two of them increases.

It is a wonderful story to watch if you want to have a good time.

5 Toradora


Toradora literally means Tiger and the Dragon.

Ryuuji Takasu is a gentle high school student with a love for housework; but in contrast to his kind nature, he has an intimidating face that often gets him labeled as a delinquent.

On the other hand is Taiga Aisaka, a small, doll-like student, who is anything but a cute and fragile girl.

Equipped with a wooden katana and feisty personality, Taiga is known throughout the school as the "Palmtop Tiger.

"Toradora! is a romantic comedy that follows this odd duo as they embark on a quest to help each other with their respective crushes, forming an unlikely alliance in the process.

4 Boku dake ga Inai Machi(Erased)

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

When tragedy is about to strike, Satoru Fujinuma finds himself sent back several minutes before the accident occurs.

The detached, 29-year-old manga artist has taken advantage of this powerful yet mysterious phenomenon, which he calls "Revival," to save many lives.

However, when he is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him, Satoru is sent back to the past once again, but this time to 1988, 18 years in the past.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi follows Satoru in his mission to uncover what truly transpired 18 years ago and prevent the death of his classmate while protecting those he cares about in the present.

3 Swort art online

Swort Art Online

We all play games right?

We all play games because they help us to get relief from our stressful lives. We get to play as some powerful character for the time being.

But in Sword Art Online, you don't just get to play the character, you become the character.

With Nervegear, players can enter into virtual reality and literally be able to see touch and feel the objects and human beings.

It's a Revolutionary Technology, and every player's dream.

One day, the creator of The Sword Art Online declares that those who are entered in the game cannot go out into The Real World unless someone wins the game.

And whoever dies in the game, dies in real life.

Sword Art Online it's so epic that you will get hooked on the Anime.

I seriously……. seriously recommend it.

2 Your lie in april (Shigatsu wa Kinino Uso)

Your lie in april

Music accompanies the path of the human metronome, the prodigious pianist Kousei Arima.

But after the passing of his mother, Saki Arima, Kousei falls into a downward spiral, rendering him unable to hear the sound of his own piano.

Two years later, Kousei still avoids the piano, leaving behind his admirers and rivals, and lives a colorless life alongside his friends Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryouta Watari.

However, everything changes when he meets a beautiful violinist, Kaori Miyazono, who stirs up his world and sets him on a journey to face music again.

The story is very traveling. In the end, this anime simply tops everything. I cried for 20 minutes. Also, this anime copes with me still thinking about him and still feeling sad at times.

Based on the manga series of the same name, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso approaches the story of Kousei's recovery as he discovers that music is more than playing each note perfectly, and a single melody can bring in the fresh spring air of April.

This anime is a masterpiece!

1 Clannad Afterstory


Okazaki Tomoya is a delinquent who finds life dull and believes he'll never amount to anything. Along with his friend Sunohara, he skips school and plans to waste his high school days away.

One day while walking to school, Tomoya passes a young girl muttering quietly to herself.

He soon discovers the girl's name is Furukawa Nagisa and that she exclaims things she likes in order to motivate herself. Nagisa claims they are now friends, but Tomoya walks away passing the encounter off as nothing.

However, Tomoya finds he is noticing Nagisa more and more around school. Eventually he concedes and befriends her. Tomoya learns Nagisa has been held back a year due to a severe illness and that her dream is to revive the school's drama club. Claiming he has nothing better to do, he decides to help her achieve this goal along with the help of four other girls.

As Tomoya spends more time with the girls, he learns more about them and their problems. As he attempts to help each girl overcome her respective obstacle, he begins to realise life isn't as dull as he once thought.

This story will 100% leave you crying.

You can watch all of these, but clannad is what I recommend first.

I hope I have listed all the interesting anime, if not you can write to me under:

or post a comment

Have a nice day :) 

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